Full Name: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
Nickname(s): VVP, Volodoya, Vova, Grey Cardinal
Profession: Politician
Party: United Party
Date of Birth: 7 October 1952

Age (as in 2017) 65 Years Forbes Russia

Pronunciation: vla·duh·meeuh poo·tn

Birth Place: Leningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Zodiac sign: Sun sign Libra
Nationality: Russian
Hometown: St. Petersburg, Russia

School St. Petersburg High School
College St. Petersburg State University
Educational Qualifications Degree in Law
Family Medium Russian

Father: Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin (Conscript in Soviet Navy)
Mother: Maria Ivanovna Putina (Factory worker)

Marital Status Divorced
Affairs/Girlfriends: Alina Kabayeva, Russian Gymnast (2008)

Wendi Murdoch, Film Actress & Producer (Rumored, 2016)

Wife/Spouse: Lyudmila Ocheretnaya (Divorced, 2013)

Daughters- Maria Putin (Elder), Yekaterina Putin

Early life and education

Vladimir Putin was born on October 1, 1952, in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), Russia. associate only kid, his father was a foreman in a very metal industrial plant and his mother was a wife. Vladimir Putin lived together with his parents in associate housing with 2 different families. although faith wasn’t allowable within the soviet union, the previous country that was created from Russia and different smaller states, his mother secretly had him baptized as associate Orthodox Christian. Behance Russia
By the age of sixteen, he was a top-ranked skilled at sambo, a Russian combination of judo and wrestling. By the time he was a youngster Vladimir Putin had begun to show the ambition that he later became well-known for, and he attended a respected highschool, School 281, that only accepted students with near-perfect grades. The establishment was the only one in Russia to fret chemistry, that was Putin’s interest. However, he before long captive toward liberal arts and biology. Vladimir Putin contends handball and worked at the varsity station, wherever he contends music by the rock band and different Western rock bands. Fascinated with spy movies as a youngster, he aspired to figure for the kgb, the Russian secret service.

grew up with his family in a communal apartment, attending the local grammar and high schools, where he developed an interest in sports. After graduating from Leningrad State University with a law degree in 1975, Putin began his career in the KGB as an intelligence officer. Stationed mainly in East Germany, he held that position until 1990, retiring with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Upon returning to Russia, Vladimir Putin held AN administrative position at the University of Petrograd, ANd when the fall of communism in 1991 became a consultant to liberal politician Anatoly Sobchak. once Sobchak was elected city manager of Petrograd later that year, Vladimir Putin became his head of external relations, and by 1994, Vladimir Putin had become Sobchak’s 1st deputy mayor.

After Sobchak’s defeat in 1996, Vladimir Putin resigned his post and affected Moscow. There, in 1998, Vladimir Putin was appointed deputy head of management beneath Boris Yeltsin’s presidential administration. in that position, he was in charge of the Kremlin’s relations with the regional governments.

Shortly subsequently, Vladimir Putin was appointed head of the Federal Security Service, an arm of the former Russian agency, furthermore as head of Yeltsin’s security council. In August 1999, Yeltsin unemployed his prime minister, Sergey Stepashin, alongside his cabinet, and promoted Vladimir Putin in his place.

Chemical Weapons in Syria

In Sep 2013, tensions rose between the united states and Syria over Syria’s possession of chemical weapons, with the U.S. threatening military action if the weapons weren’t relinquished. The immediate crisis was averted, however, once the Russian and U.S. governments brokered a deal whereby those weapons would be destroyed.

On Sept. 11, 2013, The new york Times printed an associate op-ed piece by Putin titled “A Plea for Caution From Russia.” within the article, Putin spoke on to the U.S.’s position in taking action against Syria, stating that such a unilateral move might lead to the increase of violence and unrest within the middle east.

Several posts claim Russian President Vladimir Putin has released lions on the streets in Russia to ensure coronavirus lockdown in the country. These claims, however, are false.
The caption accompanying the post reads ‘Breaking News: Russia unleashed more than on its streets to ensure that people are staying indoors during this pandemic outbreak. Vladimir Putin released around 500 lions to make people stay indoors.’

Russia, or the Russian Federation, is a transcontinental country spanning Eastern Europe and Northern Asia.

Currency: Russian ruble
Population: 144.4 million (2019)

Russia’s government has resigned, hours after President Vladimir Putin proposed sweeping constitutional changes that could prolong his stay in power.

Contrary to speculations that Russian President Vladimir Putin would rule the country for his lifetime, he may have plans to step down as early as January next year amid fears that he may have Parkinson’s, a report has claimed. The 68-year-old Russian strongman has symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, Kremlin watcher and Moscow political scientist Professor Valery Solovei have claimed, reported The US Suns.

Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine gives around 92% protection against , late-stage trial results published in The Lancet reveal.

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